Review: Descender Vol. 2- Machine Moon

Pros: This collection proves that it can continue with the smart writing and intriguing characters from the first volume. It also plays up on its mysterious elements by answering questions while still giving out more. The art is still absolutely fantastic, possibly even better than the first volume.

Cons: The book uses terminology and references locations from its world that it assumes you know, making for a confusing first read.

Overall: This book proves that it can keep up with …

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Review: Descender Vol. 1- Tin Stars

Pros: Smart writing and interesting characters drive this sci-fi based book. It also heavily sets up for the next volume and teases some great stories for the future. The art is also great and is possibly one of the best parts of this book.

Cons: This volume is the first in its new series and thus has to make sacrifices in order to make introductions. This causes the story to lag and become a little boring in places.

Overall: While not an overly impressive story on its own, Descender Vol. 1- Tin Stars does a lot to set up for future success. It suffers by being an introduction to what is developing to be a very complex and interesting work. Meaning that Vol. 2: Machine Moon will hopefully really bring the heat. However, the art is …

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