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DC’s Comics’ new Metal event is becoming larger and more complicated the more that we learn about it. With this in mind, we have combined everything we know about this event to present the most up to date and clear timeline that we possibly can. Explanations behind the various portions of this timeline are included directly below. As more information is revealed about DC’s Metal , we will be updating accordingly, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back in later.

Dark Nights: Metal
Date Main Series Dark Multiverse Invades Dark Knights ???
6/14/17 Dark Days: The Forge #1
7/12/17 Dark Days: The Casting #1
8/16/17 Dark Nights: Metal #1 Gotham Resistance
9/13/17 Dark Nights: Metal #2 Teen Titans #12
9/20/17 Nightwing #29 Batman The Red Death #1
9/27/17 Suicide Squad #26 Batman The Murder Machine #1
10/4/17 Green Arrow #32 Batman The Dawnbreaker #1
10/11/17 Dark Nights: Metal #3
10/18/17 Justice Insurgence Batman The Drowned #1
10/25/17 The Flash #33 Batman The Merciless #1
11/1/17 Justice League #32 Batman The Devastator #1
11/8/17 Hal Jordan & the GLC #32 Batman Lost #1
11/15/17 Justice League #33 The Batman Who Laughs
12/20/17 Dark Nights: Metal #4 Hawkman Found #1
1/31/18 Dark Nights: Metal #5
2/14/18 Dark Nights: Metal #6



Currently, a large majority of the information about DC Comics’ Metal event structure comes from two places: an official checklist created by DC Comics and a handmade one created by Scott Snyder.

The Main Event

The main story for Metal starts with two prelude issues, Dark Days: The Forge (Review) and Dark Days: The Casting (Review). These issues are designed to introduce readers to the story and can together be viewed as a prologue to the main series. These two issues have already been released.

The story will then continue as the Dark Nights: Metal series begins. This series began in August 2017 with Dark Nights: Metal #1 and will conclude in February 2018 with Dark Nights: Metal #6. Issues in this series will be released monthly, with November being skipped. Readers looking to just get the basics of this event should only have to read The Forge, The Casting, and the six issues of Metal to understand what is going on.

UPDATE 10/3/17: Dark Nights: Metal #4 will be delayed by a week and will be released on December 20th.
UPDATE 10/26/17: Dark Nights: Metal #5 will be delayed three weeks and will be released on January 31st.

Gotham Resistance

In response to various “dark” versions of Batman invading our multiverse, heroes in Gotham City rise up to defend their home. These tie-in issues involve the main characters from individual series facing off against attacks from the Dark Multiverse.

The “Gotham Resistance” storyline should be read after Dark Nights: Metal #2 as they directly flow from the events of that issue.

Justice Insurgence

Very little is known about these tie-in issues, as information about them is very limited. Solicitations for Flash #33 indicate that these issues will form the “Justice Insurgence” story arc. This arc involves members of the Justice League searching the Earth for artifacts which will stop the invasion from the Dark Multiverse. However, along the way, they are opposed by the various “dark” versions of Batman.

Also, in Scott Snyder’s checklist, he lists “Justice League vs. The Dark Knights” (the prototype name for “Justice Insurgence”) as “round 1.” This seems to indicate we may see even more crossovers in the future.

Dark Knights

These tie-ins tell the story of seven different versions of Batman who have made their way over from the Dark Multiverse. Each of them features an amalgamation of Batman and a different DC hero/villain. Every individual issue details the origin of a dark version of Batman and their journey into the main DC Universe.

ComicBookWire’s reviews of the Dark Knights tie-ins can be found here.

UPDATE 9/13/17: We now have a full color picture of all the Dark Nights. It can be seen right here.

UPDATE 11/1/17: After reading the “Dark Knights” tie-ins, we recommend reading all of them directly after reading Dark Nights: Metal #2 except for Batman: The Devastator, which should be read after Dark Nights: Metal #3.


Not much is known about Batman Lost except the name. In Scott Snyder’s checklist, he lumped the Batman Lost (then going by the name Metal: Lost Knight) in among the issues of Dark Nights: Metal. This may indicate that this one-shot is more important than just another tie-in, however information regarding this is currently nonexistent.

Hawkman Found is the only comic teased by DC’s official checklist, yet not included on Scott Snyder’s checklist. Speculation suggests that this issue may be the “teasing” section listed at the bottom of Snyder’s checklist. If this is true, it may indicate the return of Hawkman to the DC Universe and his involvement in more comic books. However, little more than the name of this issue has been announced at this point in time.

UPDATE 7/27/17: Jeff Lemire announced that he will be writing the Hawkman Found one-shot. He will be joined in this by Bryan Hitch and Kevin Nowlan. He also hinted at the possibility of writing a Hawkman ongoing series in the future, however nothing has been confirmed.


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