Details you may have missed in Dark Nights: Metal #3

The long awaited Dark Nights: Metal #3 is finally out and fans are thrilled. However, with a comic this full of action and suspense it can be easy to miss some of the book’s more subtle details. To remedy this, we tore through the issue page by page and dug up some of the most interesting details that readers may have missed.


(Warning: Major spoilers for Dark Nights: Metal #3 ahead)


Barbatos’ design contains a callback to his origin
Barbatos in Metal #3 (left) vs. in Dark Knight, Dark City (right)

Those who read our article explaining Barbatos’ history and origin will remember that Barbatos originally appeared as a dead bat skeleton in Dark Knight, Dark City (for more detail on this see our Quick History here). Scott Snyder then used the skeleton when he foreshadowed Barbatos in “Death of the Family.” Now, astute readers can spot these same bones in Greg Capullo’s depiction of modern day Barbatos. It is currently unclear if this is simply a reference to the villain’s original comic appearance or if this skeleton will have further repercussions in this storyline.


The Devastator’s symbol is in the sky above Metropolis

It seems like all versions of Batman have an obsession with flashing their symbol in the sky above their city. In the three Dark Batmen one-shots that have been released so far, each of these corrupted Dark Knights set up a spotlight in their respective city. Now, we can see that the Devastator has done the same thing, despite the fact that Batman: The Devastator has not been released yet.


There is a brief homage to Superman #199
Superman and Flash in Metal #3 (left) vs in Superman #199 (right)

Since they debuted, fans have argued over who would win in a race between Superman and the Flash. In 1967, DC Comics addressed the issue and held a race between these two heroes in Superman #199. The story would go on to become one of the most famous comics in history and has been referenced and parodied countless times since.

Metal #3 pays homage to the cover of this issue as Superman and Flash run alongside each other. The duo are not racing here but the position of their arms and legs is too close to the cover of Superman #199 for this to be a simple coincidence. Clearly Greg Capullo wanted to slip in something special for longtime DC Comics fans.

The return of the Oblivion Bar

The Oblivion Bar seen in this issue is not a new concept at all. Like many portions of Dark Nights: Metal, this is an aspect of the DC Universe that hasn’t been seen since before Flashpoint (Review) but is being reintroduced through here. Long time DC Comics fans will remember the bar’s introduction in Day of Vengeance, the storyline that also solidified Nightmaster as the bar’s owner. It will be interesting to see if the bar is just back for Metal or if it will be featured in any other stories going forward.


The Devastator’s alternate form was shown

Thus far, The Devastator has only been shown as a giant, hulking beast who looks strikingly similar to famous Superman villain Doomsday. However, this issue sees him take on a form that looks distinctly more human. While in Nightmaster’s bar, he can be seen among the other Dark Batmen wearing sleek and form fitting armor. This could mean that this version of Batman has the ability to switch back and forth between his Doomsday and regular form: a concept strikingly similar to what Jimmy Olsen did in All-Star Superman.


Characters are constantly giving the sign of the horns

One of the best little details about the Metal series so far has been the subtle use of the “sign of the horns” to connect the comic to its heavy rock inspirations. The cover to the first issue of the series even forms a hand displaying this very symbol. So it comes as no surprise that there are eight instances, throughout this issue, where characters are rocking this hand gesture.

  • Page one has both Damian and Lois showing the sign at the Super Son’s rock concert.
  • Page three has Barbatos holding Superman in one hand and telling the crowd to rock on with the other.
  • Page seven has Superman flashing the sign while being punched out of the sky.
  • Page eight features a corrupted Robin holding up his horns.
  • Page eleven has Kendra Saunders holding her drink in a suspicious manner.
  • Page seventeen sees Dr. Fate displaying horns with both hands.
  • Page eighteen has Nightmaster holding his sword in a peculiar way.



Did you notice these details as well, or do you think we missed something? If you found any other small details, in this issue, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we’ll make sure to check it out! Otherwise make sure to read the rest of our Metal reviews here to see us break down the continuity details in each individual issue.

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