The Last Time Batman and Catwoman were Married- A Brief History

Both Catwoman and Batman have been in the news a lot recently, ever since the Caped Crusader popped the question in Batman #24. However, not many realize that this is not the first time these two lovebirds have ended up together. In fact, they’ve already been married.


In 1940, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle met in the very first issue of Batman. The two exchanged flirtations in this and subsequent issues, forming the basis for their romance. However, Catwoman refused to turn away from her life of crime and their relationship seemed doomed.

Then, in 1950, fate hit these star-crossed-lovers like a sack of bricks… literally. In Batman #62 Catwoman was hit in the head with a brick and knocked unconscious. When she awoke, she discovered she had been suffering from amnesia for the past few years and had not been acting like herself. Finally in her own mind, she retired from crime and started a real relationship with Batman shortly after.

Their relationship progressed until Superman Family #211, in which the pair were finally married. Their wedding was attended by Clark and Lois Kent, Commissioner Gordon and his wife, Selina’s brother Karl, Alfred the butler, a reformed Two-Face, best man Dick Grayson, and a host of other friends. They even sent out their invitations on Batarangs. It was a joyous issue and formed a marriage that would last till the very end.

However, those of you looking to go back and read about this momentous occasion may be a little disappointed. Since the event took place in a Superman comic, Bruce and Selina mostly serve as background characters. The main story in this issue focuses on Superman trying to stop an assassin targeting one of the wedding guests. The actual wedding only lasts a few pages and is only sparsely detailed.

It is also worth noting that this version of Batman and Catwoman were residents of Earth-2. Earth-2 is a parallel Earth where the Golden Age comic book characters live. This means that these two were the first ever versions of their characters, but not necessarily the ones we all know and love. It also means that, though this version of Batman and Catwoman were once married, their main universe counterparts were not.


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